Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How (not) to Knit

  1. Finish morning chores.
  2. Sit down with a cup of coffee, sigh happily, and pick up, no, NOT your knitting, but the baby, who is hungry. Nurse the baby.
  3. While nursing baby check the sixth grader's grammar.
  4. Put down the sleeping baby. Pick up your knitting. Take a sip of lukewarm coffee.
  5. Put down your knitting .06 seconds later when your third grader asks for help with math.
  6. Spend the next 30 minutes taking slow, deep breaths and pulling your hair out.
  7. Don't reach for your knitting because your two-year-old has just collapsed in your lap in tears.
  8. When toddler is calm, take a sip of cold coffee and head to the kitchen to make bread for Presanctified Liturgy which your husband just reminded you about.
  9. Put bread in oven to rise, clean up kitchen, refresh your coffee, and return to living room.
  10. Do not pick up knitting at this point. Instead, pick up your baby who is hungry again. Nurse the baby.
  11. Change the baby while admonishing your distracted third grader to STOP FOOLING AROUND AND DO HIS MATH!!
  12. Put the happy, clean, and full baby in the bouncy seat. 
  13. Take a sip of lukewarm coffee.
  14. Look at your knitting.
  15. Write blog post.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


 The other day I snapped a few photos of the flowers in the yard. The azaleas are basically gone now, but more things are coming!

Before Thy Cross...

 Before Thy Cross we bow down in worship, O Master, 
and Thy holy Resurrection we glorify!

(Taken with my phone, so not the best quality. I had forgotten my camera.)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Five Years

also published on Lost Innocents

Five years ago today I sat in the cold, scuffed exam room with my purse clutched in front of me and heard the words, "I'm sorry, there was no movement [on the ultrasound]." When we got to the car I cried so hard I thought I would tear the lining of my throat out, as if by wailing, I could will my baby back to life. The unthinkable had happened: My baby died.

In the days following I was thrust into the world of loss, the harsh clinical world of "pregnancy loss", "tissue", "products of conception", "spontaneous abortion", etc. I fought for the only thing I had left that I could do for my baby: honor his or her body. I had joyfully carried him while he was alive, nourished his growing body, prayed for his health. Now his soul had departed, but the body remained. And the last thing I was going to do is let some unfeeling and efficient doctor tear him out of me.

I needed information. I needed support to labor and deliver my baby on my own since the medical field had abandoned me. Kind friends and even some strangers reached out and told me the details of their own losses. For some I know the memories were probably almost unbearably painful to dredge up, but they did it anyway. With their love, support, prayers, and the information I had gleaned from them and from painful internet searches, I prepared to honor my baby's body. Late one night, after I had almost lost hope, my body finally relinquished its grip and I held my son in my hands. My beautiful baby.

This is a journey I have made four times now. Thankfully after the first time I did have support and care from medical staff. Their love and respect has gone a long way toward healing the festering wound left by the first doctor. And, I dare say, by traveling this road with me they too have learned something about human dignity.

Lost Innocents was born of this pain. It was born of the need to honor the women who had gone before me and then supported me in my agony. It was born out of a wish to provide others with the same information and support. It was born to honor the love for my son Innocent, and then in turn, Andrew, Gabriel, and Demetrius.

Innocent did not live long by human standards. He was less than 13 weeks in this life and never took a breath. He did not hear me sing to him, never felt me kiss his head. But this tiny baby, this miracle created in the image of God, has birthed an entire ministry to bereaved parents and their precious children.

Today is the feast of St. Innocent in the Orthodox Church. I gave my son the name Innocent in his honor and today I remember him. May his memory be eternal!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Cozy House Curios is back!

I took the shop out of vacation mode a week ago. I didn't reactivate items that need to be custom made since my time is uncertain and still limited at this point. The big exception to this is the toy censers, of course! I have already made and mailed nine since last week and I'm starting on a batch order for St. Tikhon's monastery bookstore. They also want to be stocked up for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage so I will be working!

If you're wanting any censers for Pascha, go ahead and order! In addition, there are some familiar things as well as two new little knitted bunnies:

Brother Bunny

Sister Bunny

Spring Church Sweater

I finished this sweater for Miss Moppet a couple weeks ago. She needed a short-sleeved sweater to wear over sleeveless church dresses for spring and summer. I used the same pattern I followed for her long-sleeved purple sweater* last fall, but made a few modifications.

 *[In passing, I just realized I never blogged about the purple sweater! Gracious. I am MASSIVELY behind on this blog...]

More posts later...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunday of Orthodoxy

As well as being the Sunday of Orthodoxy, yesterday was a gorgeous day!

Information about the feast here.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Mittens' Baptism

Life has been busy as usual so I'm behind on blog posts. We'll be gone most of this week but when we get back I'll try to catch up!