Friday, July 3, 2015

On the Eve of Independence Day...

   I used to be patriotic. I guess I'm not anymore, although I have nostalgia for the past, when there was something to be patriotic about. It's hard to feel any pride in this country of ours. I feel mostly shame and horror. This is a circling-the-wagons time, when you accept that the area "out there" is hostile and is definitely trying to destroy you. You shore up your defenses and protect the ones you love. You accept that your body might not survive, but your soul can't be dragged away from you without your consent.

   Matt Walsh's article, "No, America is Not a Great Nation", captures my feelings so precisely that I'm linking to it here. I strongly encourage you to read the whole article. Here is an excerpt from the end:
  We can find greatness if we strive for holiness. We have to. We are entering an age where only the great Christians will spiritually survive. It’s a scary time, but if we heed the call to holiness, we can find immense joy. That’s what I want for my children, though I fear for them quite a bit these days. I can’t imagine what this country will look like in 30 or 40 years. Maybe things will have turned around, but honestly I really doubt it. So all I can do is hold them close, try to be a better father to them and a better husband to my wife, and equip them as best I can for what comes next.

  I believe strongly that real persecution awaits us down the road. I think my children will face hostility and opposition and maybe even violence on a level I haven’t yet seen. We are heading into very challenging times, but if we keep our families together and our hearts with God, we’ll be OK. No matter what happens, we’ll be OK. And, by extension, if we pour ourselves into our families and into our faith, we might be able to rescue this culture and this country from the clutches of progressive annihilation. It won’t happen quickly, and I don’t know if it will happen at all, but I know there’s a chance. America is not lost completely. Not yet.

  So find strength in the Lord. Love your spouse and your children like Christ loves the Church. Be a leader in your home. Be willing to sacrifice everything for your family. Be unwilling to sacrifice your soul for anything. Confront the reality of our current state and accept that you will be asked to endure a lot of pain and persecution. Pray. Remember what America was. Remember who God is. Remember who you are and why you’re here and that you were put here in this time for a reason.
   This Independence Day is not a time for blind celebration in America's "greatness". It's not the time for petty recriminations and hatred either. I may not be able to take pride in my country anymore, but my trust in the greatness of God will not waver. May God have mercy on us all.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


 Smokey, twining around my ankles as usual...

Genevieve, hanging out by the driveway.

Indiana, relaxing on the trampoline.

A neighbor's chicken flew over the fence (this is a daily occurrence) and stalked up and down the ivy-bordered path while Miss Moppet watched delightedly from the window, making chicken sounds. When she (the hen) disappeared, I went outside to investigate.

Headed back over the fence...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yarn Along: Into Thin Air and Dead Wake

 I've been enjoying making this sweater. It has an asymmetrical front (a bit difficult to see right now) and I found the perfect buttons to complement the yarn! I followed the directions for the 6 month size but it turned into an 18 month size. Ah well. It was destined for the shop anyway. (c;

Ravelry link

The yarn is sumptuous, a blend of bamboo and silk. I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby in AL the last time we traveled there.

I read Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer a little while ago, but I'm including it because it was a new book (I do a lot of rereading). I think it was a very balanced account of the 1996 disaster on Mount Everest. It very clearly shows that armchair critics just can't begin to grasp the difficulties of clear thought above 28,000 feet, even with supplemental oxygen.

Dead Wake by Erik Larson (he also wrote Isaac's Storm) is the story of the last voyage of the Lusitania. This one is a loan from a fellow parishioner. I'm not quite half-way through but it's quite good. I enjoy books that include a generous amount of historical context.

What are you reading and creating?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Play Orthodox Vestments

The vestments are done! I'm glad because they've been a huge amount of work. You can see the listing here. I'm happy to be getting back to my neglected knitting now. :)

UPDATE: They've been reserved so the listing has been removed temporarily.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ninja Needles

I used every single pin on only one half of the sticharion, trying to get the inside seams finished so there will be no rough edges. When I emptied the pin cushion I saw the barest bit of silver poking out and thought, "Well, I might as well get the needles out while I'm at it. There are probably one or two hiding."

Um, no. There were NINETEEN.


Thursday, June 18, 2015


 On a recent jaunt we did some sightseeing and finally we can say we saw Rock City. ;)

...AND Ruby Falls...


Some recent creations: This tiny dress and hat were a custom order and went into the shop.

This sweater set was made for a fellow matushka who is having a baby girl next month.

I finally started work on the play vestments. The phelonion is done.

The epitrachelion and belt are done as well.

Today I hope to get the cuffs and sticharion done. Then it's going into the shop! First come, first serve. It should fit boys anywhere from age 4-5 to 9-10. (I'll do a dedicated post once it's completely finished.)