Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Shower

My co-worker Rhonda and I hosted a baby shower for three of our four expecting doctors last Friday. It started out rather small and home-grown but blossomed as more people contributed. We had it in the clinic and did it open-house fashion (8:00-1:00) so that as many doctors as possible could drop by as their schedules permitted. It worked out rather well.

For decorations I did the boring old balloons and streamers (pink and blue) but livened it up with "clotheslines" of miniature clothespins and baby socks. It was adorable. I found the clothespins in Michaels. I had gotten three six-packs of assorted baby socks (two in pink themes, one in blue - we're having two girls and a boy) from Wal-Mart and just hung them up. Try to ignore the bulletin board in the background: this was a working party as we were still having clinic Friday morning and it's a very small room.

We had assorted food-stuffs: breakfast casserole, coffee, canned drinks, a cheese ball and crackers, a fruit tray and fruit dip and, of course, pastel-iced cupcakes. People dropped in when they could. We were laughing at Lindsey telling her she had the shower all to herself since she was the only one there for about an hour (the other clinic resident got held up). We let her go ahead and open my gift to her. I had crocheted a baby hat and booties for all of them. I was doing sweaters too but Lindsey's was the only one that got finished in time. I'm still working on the others. I surreptitiously asked what colors they were doing for each baby (all of them are first babies) and crocheted things in those colors. Lindsey had picked pink, green and brown. Here are her things and then a picture of her opening the bag. Bless her heart, she cried all over us after she did.

I crocheted Katherine's in pink, green and white. I'm farthest along on her sweater and a good thing too: she's due next month. Here are Lindsey and Katherine:

I'll go ahead and insert Kellie's things here. The poor thing had clinic at another hospital and couldn't get away until everyone else had left. We had plenty of food left for her and left her socks hanging on the line (the others had taken theirs). I took her picture holding a cupcake so we could prove she'd been at her own shower. Here are her items and a picture of her. (The hat is a baby boy pattern and didn't show up well lying flat.)

Here are some group shots. These were taken when we had the most people there although several more had come and gone in the meantime.

I think a good time was had by all. And my children enjoyed the left-over cupcakes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


OK, I know that this is way, way off topic from my usual, but if you haven't seen this (and odds are you haven't), then you MUST watch this phenomenal diatribe. I actually applauded at the computer and scared the cat. I came across this on Crunchy Con tonight. It's so wonderful to hear someone speaking out so clearly and without pussy-footing around. "Watch this magnificent three-minute evisceration of the British PM at the hands of a British Member of the European Parliament, and join me in worshipful awe of the ability of English politicians to speak this way in public. I cannot think of a single US politician who could touch this cat. And yet, this kind of skill, I've found watching C-SPAN, is pretty common among the British pols:"