Tuesday, August 24, 2010

26 ways in which doing IT Support is better than being a pastor

Father found this one for me.  I must say, it's a riot.  And it's tongue in cheek, not serious!

26 ways in which doing IT Support is better than being a pastor

 (for the most part)

1. People come to you for help — instead of assuming that, if you really knew your job, you would intuitively know they needed help, and come to them without being asked.

2. Everyone immediately tells you, to the best of his ability, what his or her actual issue is.

3. Everyone who asks you a question really wants to hear the answer.

4. Everyone who asks you for help really wants to he helped.

5. Everyone who calls you really does want his/her computer to work the very best it can.

6. You and your callers agree that computer bugs and problems are bad, and should be done away with.

7. When you identify viruses, spyware, unwanted popups, and crashes as "bad," and target them for elimination, the folks you help don't accuse you of being harsh and judgmental.

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  1. That is really funny.. especially since my hubby is on that side and yours is on the other :) Funny from both angles!

  2. Fr John loved this! He has his own web design business and so he can really relate!

  3. Mat. Emily: I didn't know that's what your husband did. I bet he really can relate! Did he come up with any new ones?


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