Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hair Styling

To be perfectly honest, I really can't figure out how I got there, but I just found a site with the most beautiful hair "clips"! I love putting my hair up but let's face it: those butterfly clips are more or less ugly. I try to use small ones to minimize the impact. They also don't quite achieve what I look for. Well, these are gorgeous! The site even includes short videos to tell you what size you need and how to do these different up-do's yourself. They look so elegant!

The site is Lilla Rose. They have lots of different products but I am immediately drawn to the flexi-clips.

Does anyone else have a favorite way to put up their hair?


  1. These are so beautiful and feminine!!! I so, need to do something different with my hair. Just yesterday, Juliana was talking with one of her friends and, of course, in the presence of strangers said, "My mommy has a ponytail like you, but she wears one all the time." Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. I love it! more of an old fashion look, very lovely.

  3. Those are very pretty! I either wear my hair hair down, wavy with some mousse in it, which is REALLY easy. If you have some wave to your hair, you could try that. It takes no time and you just scrunch it up and let it air dry. I also wear my hair with the parted normally in the front and pulled into a low bun. I also like to pull up just the front part at the top of my head into a poof, you know that stylish way? It is super easy and keeps my hair out of my eyes. It is cute and easy. And I don't like having hair in my face.

  4. I tell you what, Michelle: I'll do your laundry AND ironing if you do my hair!

  5. Deal! Now if only we didn't live hundreds of miles away from each other...


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