Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Lovely Blog

A big thanks to Sarah for tagging me with the One Lovely Blog Award! Sarah's own blog is lovely, not least of all because of the pictures of her gorgeous baby daughter!

In return, I'm listing some particularly lovely and inspiring blogs although this is not an exhaustive list.

All guaranteed to provide lovely, inspiring (and probably funny - I like funny) reading!

For those so inclined, here are the (obligation free!) rules to accompany this award:

1.) Post award on your blog
2.) Thank the blogger who sent it to you
3.) Award 15 other bloggers this Lovely award
4.) Tell them all you think their blog is Lovely


  1. Mat. Anna,

    Thank you! I am so touched! I love your blog too; it is truely lovely! With my love in Christ,


  2. Thanks, Mat. Anna! You are so sweet!

  3. Thank you!

    Sarah gave me the award as well, so now I have two :)

    I need to link up on my blog.

  4. By the way (this has nothing to do with your post), Maggie was asking me where the Theotokos Garden curriculum was from and I told her "a lady sent it to me."

    She said, "Oh, the one with the ten kids?"

    "Ten kids? Who do we know who has ten kids?" I asked.

    "I mean five kids."

    She meant you. :) She was looking at your family pic on your blog the other day. I imagine it sometimes FEELS like you have ten. ;)

    This Dickens quotation is realized in my household daily: "...unlike the celebrated herd in the poem, they were not forty children conducting themselves like one, but every child was conducting itself like forty."

  5. Great post, Sh. Patty! That is exactly what it feels like :)

  6. How sweet! I am so tickled that you still visit me when I've been such a slug. You are at the top of my list, you know.

  7. You are so sweet....I don't think my blog belongs anywhere near the rest on this list... but you and the rest are very inspiring to me !

  8. Thank you, Matushka Anna!

    We've been away, so I missed this earlier!

    I love your blog so much!


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