Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Updates

Thank you very much for your prayers for these children:

Mariana has been doing very well and was extubated yesterday. She might be moved to a more regular hospital floor today! Her mother is very relieved and happy.

I don't have any recent updates on Noah. I know he was weakening and experiencing pain. His parents were trying to get him a wheelchair since sometimes he can't walk more than a few steps. His condition is terminal but we pray that he might enjoy the time with his family and be comfortable.

Abby seems to be doing well. Her two-year chemo treatment is almost over and her parents are throwing her a surprise party when it's done.

Mary Evelyn is declining. She's experiencing more pain and her parents are grieving. Please keep them in your prayers.

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  1. Oh, sigh. Sigh, sigh. Continued prayers for all intentions, but most heavy on my heart is Mary Evelyn.


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