Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrap Quilting

...or better known as "Something else I don't need to get started on because I already have too much to do", but that is a little large for a post title.

Pleasant View Schoolhouse is a beautiful blog, full of great ideas for people who sew, knit or crochet (or a thousand other things). It was crushing when Anna stopped blogging earlier this year, but since then she's make a comeback! One of her more recent posts was about a scrap quilt she made. I seemed to recall seeing other scrap quilts so I searched back in the archives. Sure enough.

As the recent inheritor of a cutting mat (and the recent purchaser of a rotary cutter - finally!) I am absolutely itching to start on a scrap quilt. I have a scrap bag, actually a few of them, and a fabric stash that I just had to reorganize (to make room for more yarn). When looking at all of the fabric spread out on the bed, organizing it by color, I found I was putting one color next to another thinking, "that would look nice, and so would that...." Oh no.
That little voice saying "Go ahead, just do know you want to..." started warring with the other little voice (the better one) who was replying "You have far too much to do already. Are you out of your mind? It's not like you've ever done one before..."

(All photographs are from Anna's site: Pleasant View Schoolhouse. Please do not use these for any other purpose than linking to her site. Thank you.)


  1. Sigh. I understand the conflicting voices thing.

    I am not into crafts per say but quilts are very lovely...


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