Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Seven Day Frock

This is delightful.

"The fashion editor of 'Woman' magazine Anne Edwards demonstrating how the same dress can be used everyday of the week by being made to look very different by some subtle changes. Some of the ideas include wearing a collar of flowers around the neck, wearing a square of lace also around the neck. Wednesday's idea is to wear a jacket over the dress with bodice. Other ideas include adding a collar or a waistcoat."

Incidentally, anyone else just love the word "frock"?

(h/t Rebecca)


  1. How clever! It's pretty amazing what the little black dress can be transformed into.

  2. This reminds me of looking through the American Girl catalogue and loving how all the accessories were available. Wish there were a catalogue with dresses like this, and those lovely collars—I like Friday's the best.

    *sigh* I think the hard part of being a priest's wife is that he *always* looks dressed up.

  3. Yeah, Father's not worried about what HE'S wearing to the wedding...


    He always looks nice.


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