Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wish List: a perfect silhouette

I have some birthday money and I don't know what to spend it on. It occurred to me that clothing is always a fun and useful thing. I started looking through my normal sources, branching out when I didn't see anything that grabbed me.

Then, I knew.

What about some of those vintage items I've been drooling over? Vintage is usually too expensive, but there are reproductions...

Isn't it gorgeous?
I would need steel stays to fasten it though.

What about this more casual dress?

The need for a significant corset has not gone away however.

This one has a little more give:

Is anyone noticing a theme here?


  1. well, I do notice the beauty of these outfits! I can't fit perfectly into them either, but there must be something similar that can be worn and not need a corset to do so!

    hey, is today your birthday?! time is blurring for me...

    wishing you many years...

  2. They are all gorgeous and you would look great in them!

  3. They are all beautiful, though the concept of "vintage" applied to clothes I remember people wearing bothers me a teensy bit. ;>)
    And Happy Birthday & many years!

  4. I vote for #3. Elegant and timeless.

  5. I'm not sure it would go with your beard, Steve...just sayin' ;o)

  6. I love them all...I have a vintage fuchsia brocade satin dress...sadly it's a size I will never be again...any teeny (like, size 5) ladies out there want it? It's modest too. I adore vintage dresses - now you have the little wheels in my head turning Anna! :D

  7. I think I'm slightly late here, so forgive me. Happy Birthday and may God grant you many years!

  8. Gee, thanks Jodie Anna! That's an image that nearly put coffee on my keyboard! (No offense Steve)

    That IS a tiny dress! I don't think I even know anyone that small.

    I agree, Steve; that dress is lovely. I'm trying to think ahead too - I have a family wedding in January that will be formal.

  9. LOVE!

    Lands End actually has a VERY cute shirt-dress, very similar to the red-ish colored one you posted. I have been longing for it from afar... but I just can't find a shirt-dress that fits me the right way. :(

  10. Amanda, that's my problem too. Shirt-dresses look better in the picture than on me. I haven't yet given up hope however.

  11. I actully tried one on in a Target of all places just yesterday, and I actually liked the fit. I was so shocked! Just try them all on until you find one. Most Sears stores have a Lands End shop in them now, so you can always look there and try on whatever they may have. :)


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