Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yet again...

This will be short. I have to pull myself together to go to a birthday party.

The pain doesn't end, it seems. I talked to my sister this morning. One of her best friends was in a horrific wreck yesterday evening and their only daughter, four years old, was killed instantly. The mother is pregnant with twins (only 16 weeks) and had been on bed rest but was just allowed to get up for a bit. They're trying to keep her from going into labor. Apparently the injuries were such that they wouldn't even allow her to see her daughter. Lord have mercy. A teenager ran a stop sign.

Please keep R., her husband C. and their families in your prayers. Also my sister, who is in an agony of her own from feeling her friend's pain.


  1. Lord have mercy! how incredibly sad and hard! Prayers.

  2. Prayers... for all involved... Lord, have mercy...

  3. Lord Have Mercy. Memory Eternal!

  4. I hold the feast of Holy Innocents on Dec 29 as the secondary Names day for all who have died young and/ or suddenly. I lost a granddaughter 13 years ago this month. 2 years later we lost her mother. There is no pain for a parent worse than this. I pray for Mary Evelyn, For Skylar and Kelly, and for this 4 year old and her mother. May their memory be eternal, and may the Lord soothe our wounds in His time.

    (reader) Steven Clark

  5. Lord have Mercy. Prayers. Memory Eternal.

  6. Lord have mercy on this poor family! My heart is heavy for them.


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