Friday, May 27, 2011

(Top) Ten List #2

Things I have done that I said I'd never do:

1. Hold my hand out for the baby/toddler to spit something out into - including masticated food.

2. Go to the store in flip-flops.

3. Give a baby a pacifier.

4. Change clothes in a moving vehicle (not while driving).

5. Nurse while in a moving vehicle (not while driving).

6. Text.

7. Say "ok" to cake for breakfast.

8. Live near Louisiana.

9. Get a dog.

10. Have a blog.

(Does anyone else use the baby's head to push their glasses up?)


  1. :) do you have a dog? I don't remember, do forgive me...

    wonder what my list would look like...

  2. No, we had a dog for a short time but she chewed up EVERYTHING and would not stop jumping up on the children - and she was not a small dog. After they began to be afraid to go outside because of her, we had to take her back to the shelter and suggest she have owners without small children and with a bigger yard.

  3. My list is similar and I have definitely done 1 through 4 (4 while driving :-) ) and 6. I live with dogs 'cause my employers have dogs, but that's definitely a rule that will not be changing when I'm on my own again (can't stand them!). And for some reason 5 hasn't come up yet - go figure ;-).

  4. Yet? (c; I hope #5 doesn't come up at *all*!

  5. I used my 3 month old's head to push my glasses up!! At that moment I wondered the exact same thing. Good to know I'm not alone.

  6. Thankfully it's been years since I've had to change clothes while in a moving vehicle!

    I did my own Ten Things list on my blog.s

  7. Dear Matushka Anna,

    At least you lived near Louisiana, I live in Louisiana.. ;-)

    I'm really enjoying your blog. I wish someone had said to me "praying with your feet" when my children were babies...

    Elena M.

  8. Elena,

    Hasn't the weather been awful? When I think that in August I'll be wishing for weather like what we're having now, I blanch.

    If only it would rain!!!

  9. Great list!

    This isn't something I have done, per se, but one of the funniest things I never thought I'd hear myself say was: "You've had enough Holy Water for today!" :) I cracked myself up while I was in the middle of saying it, but I meant it.


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