Friday, April 6, 2012

Blogs enjoyed, blogs missing.

 A great post, if I do say so myself (and I do), by my husband, Fr. Benedict, on his blog Seeking the Kingdom. Go there to read the whole thing but this is an excerpt:
The Orthodox blogging world has certainly seen an explosion in recent years, and now there are blogs on just about every topic under the sun. Some of them are worthwhile, some of them . . . well, not so much. Among the most worthwhile and enjoyable I would include Orthodox ChristianityPravmir.comMystagogyByzantine, TX, Ad Orientem, Glory to God for All Things, A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons, and a whole slew of others. [ed. - Notice mine is not on the list, lol.]

Gradually over the last few years I've been becoming more and more aware of the fact that there are many, many more Orthodox blogs not in the English language. When you think of the HUGE numbers of Orthodox Christians in Russia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Syria, etc. (as compared to our very small numbers here in America), this is hardly surprising. But of course few of us Americans are fluent in Romanian, Greek, Russia, Serbian and Arabic. For those who read Greek (or just like to look at pictures), there are two blogs in Greek I enjoy, both associated with Vatopaidi Monastery: Views from Vatopaidi and Pemptousia. (The latter is almost more of a church news site than a blog.) The main page of is a vast and beautiful website, frequently updated, on the Orthodox faith and Orthodox news - all in Russian. Fortunately they do run an English language version, smaller but similar in content, which I've linked above. No doubt in coming months and years I will find other blogs and websites from other countries.

But one frustration I've had for a number of years is that there is no Orthodox blog on a particular subject - or at least I have yet to find it..

Read the rest of Orthodox Blogs I enjoy, and an Orthodox blog I can't find.

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