Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life Updates

Ginger came up to me just now and asked if it were time to get dressed for church. I said, "Church? What are you talking about?" He told me Pickles was in his room getting dressed. I called in there, "Honey, I wanted you to put on play clothes, not church clothes. We don't have Presanctified until tonight." He came out, trying to button his pants and insisted that he wanted church clothes on. [n.b. - It is always a struggle to get him dressed for church.] I told him that we weren't going to church for another almost eight hours and to put play clothes on. He said, "But I'm trying to make it quickly." (as in, save time later)

A wave of storms came through yesterday evening. The best part was the fact that the approach was so slow that the gust front lasted forever instead of five minutes. I called all the kids out onto the porch steps and we watched the trees bending in the wind and the lightning (not near). We stayed out until we actually got cold. The temperature dropped pretty drastically because the high yesterday afternoon was 85 which was apparently a new record.

The flower seeds I've planted are coming up. (: So nice to see. I guess they won't die until later. I had rotten luck last year but I will admit that I waited pretty late to plant them, having had no interest during the spring due to extenuating circumstances. The sunflower hut is not exactly taking shape, but most of the sunflower seeds and morning glory seeds have popped. I added some sweet pea the same day I planted around the back steps.

If you've never tried sprinkling some semi-sweet chocolate chips over your oatmeal, you're missing out. Oatmeal gets boring after a while, even with brown sugar.

SO many babies just born or coming due (sounds like library books). Congratulations to Kh. Patty, Sarah and Mat. Maria (formerly Trish) on their new babies. Praying for all the rest to come. Expecting a new nephew any day now.

Speaking of babies being born, Innocent's first birthday is in a week. I'm not doing the make-a-birthday-cake and balloon release thing. My children would find that very confusing and it feels macabre to me. The important date was the date he entered Heaven and we've already commemorated that. I'll still be remembering him though. Sweet baby.

I'm breaking down and letting Father teach me (modern) Greek. I have no abilities whatsoever in foreign languages. It's pretty pathetic. My freshman year in college I was taking my fifth year of French and I STILL couldn't understand anything in the language lab. I can read it a little bit, but can't understand any of it. Plus, everyone laughs at my pronunciation and rightly so. Pathetic. Father says I have a mental block. I think I'm just scarred. To sooth my anxious brain I might get the trigonometry textbook out and start working on it again. I've forgotten far more than I've remembered about higher math. Sigh.

I've added links to and on the sidebar. If you've never checked them out, I encourage you to. They're simply great and huge. Both are in English. (Pravoslavie is mostly in Russian but they have a large English section and that's what's linked.)


  1. I think facility with languages may be inborn, possibly enhanced in bilingual people. I've had at least two years of French (high school), Latin (college) and a semester of reading German in grad school. I was pitiful in all of them. I'd really like to be able to read enough Russian or Slavonic to understand the titles of things on YouTube, though. Probably not going to happen. (And we won't even mention college trig, in which I was finally given an "mercy D" by a kind instructor.)

  2. ooh, chocolate chips on oatmeal? That sounds wonderful! I can't believe I had never thought of that. We usually mix in Craisins or occasionally fruit frozen from last summer: strawberries, blueberries, or peaches.

    I wonder how it would taste with unsweetened cocoa powder. Some new things to experiment with.

    (another) Elizabeth

  3. I also thought I could never learn another language. In fact, I took French for 12 years and know nothing and hated it so much I vowed never to even try to learn a language again.

    Then we moved to Greece. Learning the language was one of the hardest things in my life. It took me one year just to understand what people were saying. I took the Greek language exam THREE times until I passed. But I learned it. Now I'm finishing my Master's degree in Theology, in Greek!

    So the moral of the story is, if I can learn a second language ANYONE can. It just takes a lot of practice and a lot of prayer.

  4. Elizabeth: to be honest, you could just about have that for dessert! I overdid it on the chips this morning...

    Mat. Constantina: I think it also takes a lot of patience on the part of the teacher! Fortunately, Father is very patient. I guess we'll see - I'm working on the alphabet now (I don't recognize most of the lower-case letters.)

  5. I have a theory that those who can sing are much more likely to be able to learn languages well and quickly.
    Let's just say that I cannot sing.

    So thankful you are safe and how exciting all the babies indeed :)

  6. You would definitely like my energy balls- they have oatmeal, dark chocolate or semi-sweet chips, honey, coconut. So yummy!! We make them a lot during fasting seasons.

  7. enjoyed your post; love to you and hugs...

  8. Have you looked online for savory oatmeal ideas? I like oatmeal with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper. I'm sure there are savory, Lenten oatmeal ideas *somewhere*!

    Too cute about the clothes.


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