Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking ahead to Pascha

Father found these videos on YouTube. Watching them was great because I could start feeling excitement over the approach of Pascha. Lent seems to last so long and by the time you get to the fifth week it can sink into routine. These videos were a great reminder of what we're working toward!

Both of them were filmed at St. Symeon the New Theologian (OCA) in Birmingham, AL. Our family has godparents and friends there so it was neat to point people out. Obviously that won't make much difference to the vast majority of you, but just listening to the choir and seeing the church is lovely. We don't have any video at our parish or I'd post that too.

The first is the Evlogitaria of the Resurrection in tone 5. This takes place at Matins of Holy Saturday (which takes place Friday night after the Lamentations).

The second video is Arise, O God from Liturgy of Holy Saturday
"The first service of Holy Saturday takes place in the morning and breaks the somber spell. Jesus' descent to Hades where He preached His message to the dead is celebrated. Those who believed in Him received eternal life and salvation. The heavy sorrow of Great Friday begins to lift when the priest, wearing bright vestments, chants, "Arise, O God, to the world," while sprinkling laurel leaves, bay leaves, and flower petals all over the church to symbolize the shattered gates and broken chains of hell. This is also to celebrate the triumph over death."
I have chills every single time I hear this. Notice the bay leaves. (c: 

[The priest is Fr. Alexander Fecanin, the deacon is Fr. Dcn. Ephraim Rivers, the reader is Alex Fecanin (Father's son), the altar server is Phillip Ritchey]


  1. Really nice -- reposted the video on FB.

  2. We have also been watching videos here. The excitement is building.;)

  3. I didn't know about the bay leaves--
    Loved every bit of this-I too get chills and tears-


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