Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Questions Answered

1. What is your favorite book to recommend to the non-Orthodox but curious?

I enlisted Father's help on this because (as I mentioned before) my brain is in a fog. He suggested (and I concurred) that Met. Kallistos Ware's The Orthodox Way is probably the best all-around book for those interested in Orthodoxy. It covers all kinds of theology (don't let that scare you) and the spiritual life but it isn't overwhelming and doesn't get polemical (as some other books can). Coming from another tradition you are much less likely to feel defensive and overwhelmed reading The Orthodox Way. [Alternately, Ware's The Orthodox Church is also excellent and covers Orthodoxy from a much more historical perspective but can get a bit heavy. If you're more interested in academia then this is a fantastic book for you.] There are lots and lots of good books out there but there are also books that aren't the best for beginners. Father has an excellent page on his blog for recommended reading which includes synopses of all the books.

2. Favorite book growing up?

Oh boy - I have no idea! I read constantly. I took books with me everywhere, read in the tub, hid a book on my lap at the dinner table, had books in various stages around the house. My favorite things to get for birthdays and Christmas were books.

I do have a funny story about how much I read (which, if you'll indulge me, I'll tell):

When I was in 4th grade we had a reading contest. I was immediately excited because, hey! Reading! I couldn't compete in much else but I was on solid ground here. Every week we had to turn in a list of all the books we'd read and our parents had to sign it. At the end of several months the numbers were all tallied and we had a special assembly to present the awards. I didn't have a good idea of how many books anyone else had read but I felt very excited because I felt I had to be one of the place holders. They announced the fourth-place winner who had read 100-something books! I smiled and clapped with everyone else. Then they announced the third-place winner who had read 200-something books. I smiled and clapped but I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. They announced the second-place winner who had read 300-something books. I clapped but I was feeling ill and heat was creeping over my face. I started getting sweaty hands as they waited for the applause to die and the second-place winner to accept her prize. Then they announced that the first-place winner had read an astounding 730-something books. As they called my name I stood up shakily and headed for the stage. The teachers all clapped but there was a stunned silence from the rest of the room. I think the students caught on and started clapping at some point but I don't remember. I just remember the mouths hanging open. It's funny now but at the time I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

3. Favorite/most adventurous crochet project attempted?

Hmm... I think it would probably have to be the first cross blanket I made, the Emmelia blanket. It was the first time I had really attempted filet crochet and I had to make the pattern up myself using graph paper. I was really happy with how it turned out. (:

4. Best Star Trek line?

Ack! I don't have one! I dated a Trekkie once but remained a staunch Star Wars fan. I even lived in Cairo, Georgia, home of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. Shame on me! (I'm very geeky otherwise.)

I enjoyed this! Any more questions?


  1. oh, I love that reading story! yay for reading! :)

    loved the other questions too... I do love your stories...

    Question: is there a book when you were a kid that you went back to more than once to read?

  2. I have a few!
    1) What is your favorite lenten recipe?
    2)Do you/have you ever watched Doctor Who?
    and 3) What is your favorite prayer service?
    Brittany [elizabeth]


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