Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He's come much farther than 69 yards...

I know I'm just generally more emotional right now, but this just made me dissolve. Everyone and his cousin has already seen it, I'm sure, but I'll post it anyway:

The Red Team faced fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter of Nebraska's spring game when coach Bo Pelini called a timeout. It was time for their secret weapon—Jack.

Hoffman trotted onto the field to lineup alongside Huskers' quarterback Taylor Martinez. He was wearing little football pads and a miniature No. 22 jersey, just like his favorite player, running back Rex Burkhead.

The ball was snapped and Hoffman went left, then right, then streaked 69 yards downfield for a touchdown. As he reached the end zone, he was mobbed by Nebraska players. Fullback C.J. Zimmerer hoisted him on his shoulders. The 60,000-plus fans at Memorial Stadium Saturday went crazy.

But before Hoffman could relish in that moment of bliss, he's had to undergo a journey no child should endure.

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