Thursday, April 18, 2013


Last year I planted some Gerbera daisies in the pots in front of our house. Around them I planted some dark pink flowers (whose name has completely escaped me now). They had both been advertised as annuals but I just couldn't bring myself to pull them when the foliage disappeared in December (yep, took a while). I cut back the dead growth but left them there. This spring I noticed some green in the pots and was delighted to see that my hope had paid off. (:

Isn't this lovely?

Despite a severe pruning, the mock orange blossoms are back too. (: Pity they have no scent.

Storms tonight! I didn't bother to water anything this afternoon.


  1. Yes, *everything* is lovely!! I always think it's worth a try to see if things will get through the winter. It's wonderful when they do.

  2. How wonderful! Flowers are such a blessing, a real encouragement...


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