Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along

I haven't gotten much done crochet and knit-wise lately because I've been so tired (in a GOOD way). I have a set of 40-50 hats to mail to Calvin's Hats today if I can just get the ribbons and bows on the final 15 of them. [Photos of those later here.] Also, a blog reader asked me to make a set for a friend of hers who lost her baby around 8 weeks and I have that to go out as well.

Crocheted, simple but elegant.

(used the penny hats pattern, cast on 9 stitches)

Reading, I've been grabbing whatever came to hand, including a stack of old National Geographics (very entertaining). I just wrote a post on Reading as a Refuge so that might take the place of the book portion for today.

As I said, I've been very tired, but grateful beyond words to be tired because of what it signifies. I was able to hear the baby's heart beat on my doppler on Monday and again yesterday (less than 9 weeks!) which is a very satisfying thing.

What are you reading and working on this week?


  1. Thank you Matushka for doing this for my friend. She'll be so grateful for your gift.

  2. Very beautiful! Touchingly so.

    So glad for the heartbeat; we keep praying!


  3. Will keep you in my prayers. So beautiful.


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