Thursday, May 30, 2013

And another quilt...

Finishing another quilt today: the October Afternoon scrap quilt.


  1. oh, and just noticed the new banner! very nice!

  2. Dear Matushka,
    I have been such a bad friend for not looking in. My only excuse is that life with Michael's autism has been a challenge. We are making great progress and I feel incredibly blessed, but it takes so much time I have little time left for my little corners of the net. Still... I can not believe I have missed your blessed condition! Please know that from now on, my prayers too will accompany you. Should you be on facebook, please consider adding me with my email: faerieeva at
    or my name Eva Bogaerts. If you can not or would rather not.. I completely understand and I will try to peek in here from time to time. Just know that even though I may be here rarely, my prayers will be no less.


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