Friday, June 21, 2013

BBQ Chicken Quilt

The chicken quilt is finished! I finished the binding early this afternoon and put it in the washer/dryer. Then I went to the store where I may or may not have gotten a few fabric remnants for another quilt.

This is 3/4 of it - the rest is folded over.

Interesting view through the back with the sun behind it.

Much more quilting than just a grid this time.

Pickles chose to pose this way with his quilt. (Which he likes)

It looks cute on his bed.

Especially with "Chicken Nugget". (:


  1. This made me smile. Looks like it came out really good!!

  2. wonderful!!!!!! way to go! love the pictures of Pickles and also with chicken nugget on the bed! very lovely!!

  3. Thanks, everyone! I went ahead and started one for Ribby. Just posted the first picture of it...

  4. It looks great!!! And I like this bed too, perfect for a wee boy.


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