Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sorry this blog has gotten so boring lately. I keep wanting to post updates and keep feeling like a broken record:

"Legs swollen"...check
"Doing housework"...check

So, the weather is still hot and humid, I'm still tired, still thankful, and the housework never ends. [Note: the children do help around the house but it's hardly as if I can sit around eating bon-bons.]

I just finished sewing the plain white border around the chicken quilt. Normally I'd go ahead and clear the floor to make the (chicken) sandwich, but I am just wiped out. There are (hopefully) dry clothes on the line but they'll last until later. I can guarantee that no one will bother them until I get back out there, lol.

Got Poe and Crichton at the library yesterday. I enjoyed rereading "The Pit and the Pendulum". Odd bedtime reading, I know. I picked up "Airframe" by Michael Crichton and realized I wasn't going to be able to go to sleep until I knew how it ended so I cheated and peaked. Whatever. I also have the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Evolution" on the beside table so I feel relatively well-stocked.

And now I think I'm going to go lie down and prop my legs up. And read. (:


  1. :) honestly, I never find your blog boring... so excited for your quilt! :) sending my love to you... PS: loved the comment about the bon bons :)

  2. Love that everything is going well! Hardly boring... quilting is cool, and I love to see the different things you read!

  3. I did go lie down but forgot to prop my legs up, lol. I need a little sign by my bed to remind me. (c; Eventually I had the girls get the clothes off the line. Wow, that was easier...

  4. its the everyday things that make your blog interesting! My midwife recommended doing some hands and knees chores to get ready for baby, so I have been on the ground pinning a bed skirt, tying up tomato plants . Scrubbing the floors should be on that list.. . .

  5. You seem so busy with all your projects, not to mention your everyday chores. I'm impressed!

    I'm so glad everything is going well! I don't suppose you know the sex of the baby yet, do you? We're praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy regardless!

  6. No, we don't know yet, but we should find out Monday!!! I'm really excited. :D

  7. Hanging out clothes and bringing them inside was a Daughter job when I was a kid (we didn't have a dryer.) It's especially fun when they're frozen.
    Can't wait to find out about Baby! We find out about my brother's in a couple more weeks.


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