Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seriously Hot

Notice anything funny about this CD case?

 Father found it on the passenger seat of the car. It melted.

Important to note: the windows had all been down and the shade thing was in the windshield.

And it had only been sitting there for a couple hours.

Now THAT'S hot...


  1. Sometimes I miss Florida... and then I see people posting things like this down south while it is 65 F up here and I think, "No, I'm good."

  2. No, you're good...stay put!! :D

    (And THBTHBPTH!! for rubbing it in!)

  3. Maybe you could pass it off as modern art!

  4. That "modern art" comment made me laugh! :)

    When we first bought our minivan, the kids used crayons in the back and the crayons melted and we've never been able to get itvall out of the compartment. And it re-melts multiple times every summer.


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