Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some OLD projects!

I FINALLY finished the jersey scrap rug I started over a year ago. I spent a few hours yesterday cutting up the rest of my colored scraps of jersey and crocheting them on. Then I officially declared it done. I'm saving the rest of the white jersey to use for baby wipes. (I can't believe I'm actually thinking along those lines!!! It's so nice to feel optimistic enough to make plans!)

It's 35 inches by 26 inches and weighs a ton. I put it by my side of the bed. (:

I think I started this blanket over 3 years ago in 2010. Amazing. One day I might finish!

I started this last fall in October on our trip to PA. It's a log cabin blanket (crocheted). I need to go match the green for the strip I was working on. I just used up all my blue and green stash on a project for someone else! I have no idea how big this will be when it's done. Probably when I get sick and tired of it. (c;


  1. i have been on a finishing projects run lately. Nothing like a baby coming to make you realize how many things are left to do!


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