Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh ye of little faith...

One day about two weeks ago my youngest son proudly presented me with a picked zinnia. I knew exactly where he had gotten it because there was exactly one chance plant that had reseeded from last year near our back steps. I was upset he had picked it because it was just about to bloom.

"Oh, honey, thank you...but I wish you had left it alone to bloom. See where the petals are starting to show? Now it won't bloom."

"Yes it will! You can stick it in water, Mommy, and watch it bloom!"

I put it in water and put it in the window sill. Poor thing never had a chance, I thought. I'll get rid of it when it wilts.

To my amazement the flower started to open over the next few days. Impossible, I thought. I looked at it every time I was at the kitchen sink. Will wonders never cease...

The last two days I noticed the blossom was starting to fade. Today I was washing my hands and thought I might as well toss it because it was probably about done for. I looked at it and thought, hmm, I don't remember it having that extra stem and leaves.

I picked up the vase and took a closer look. New growth?!? What on earth?!

I couldn't explain it for the life of me but there was no denying what my eyes could see. The thing was growing.

Flabbergasted, I started to add more water then realized I probably just needed to dump the old water and start fresh. I pulled the flower out to pour out the water...and saw this:

Roots. Against all odds the flower had rooted. The flower that was plucked prematurely, never having a chance to bloom, had bloomed and was flourishing.

Everything and everyone deserves faith and another chance. And a lesson in humility courtesy of a six-year-old.


  1. wow! what a powerful lesson and blessing! would repot this one... :) :) :) thanks for sharing!!!


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