Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Pattern and Photo Tutorial for Simple Sewn Baby Booties

Tied version

Buttoned version

These shoes are made with two layers of fabric. (If you have a material that is sufficiently thick or durable, you may consider making it with one.) The ones I've made were with one layer of knit and one layer of flannel (although two layers of knit or two layers of flannel would work just as well). Something I want to point out is that you can make these from old t-shirts, onesies, blankets, fabric scraps, etc. The pattern shown will make newborn-sized booties, but you can easily size-up by enlarging the pattern.


Fabric for exterior of shoe (E)
Fabric for lining of shoe (L)
2 pieces of ¼ to 1/8 inch elastic, 3 inches long
4 pieces of baby ribbon, 5-6 inches long [OR, two buttons and two pieces of 1/8 inch elastic, 2 inches long]

(Pattern at bottom of post. Print out full-size.)

[Instructions are for tied version. Alternate instructions for buttoned version will be shown in brackets.]

  1. 1. Pin and cut out two each of A, B and C from both fabrics. You should have a total of 4 A, B and C pieces.

    Showing E fabric

    Showing L fabric
  2. Match the A pieces, one E and one L, wrong sides together. Stick a pin in the center.
  3. Match the B and C pieces in pairs, one E and one L each, right sides together. Pin. 

    ribbon version shown

    (only B shown of button version)

  4. Insert the ribbon inside the pinned pieces of B and pin each one at O so that the ends extend slightly outside the edge of B. [OR, fold 2 inch long elastic pieces in half and insert loop into seams where you would otherwise insert the ribbon. Put one loop on different sides of pinned B pieces.]

    ribbon version

    button version
    button version
  5. Sew along the dotted lines of each pair of B and C. Turn right side out. 

    ribbon version

    button version
  6. Pin B and C to A, E sides together. (The markings will help you line them up.) B and C will overlap as you extend them around the sides of A. Overlap them with C on the outside.

    Start by pinning B to A.

    Then pin C to A.

    top view after you've finished pinning

    bottom view after you've finished pinning

  7. Sew around the perimeter of A using a straight stitch first, then using a narrow zig-zag just outisde the straight stitch. (Do be careful about where your ribbons are at all times. It may be helpful to tuck them inside the shoe while sewing so you don't accidentally sew them into the seam.) Trim any extra fabric. (If you have a serger then just use that instead.) Turn shoe right side out.
    I suggest sewing from the bottom, not the top.

    After straight stitching, do a zig-zag just outside it.

    inside out

    right-side out

  8. Pin one elastic piece to B (the L side), at O. Using your zig-zag stitch set at 0 stitch length, tack the end in place. Repeat on the other edge at O. Reset the stitch length to about 3 and the width all the way up, and zig-zag along the elastic, stretching out the elastic to match the fabric as you go. [If you are using 1/8 inch elastic, you can straddle the elastic with the widest zig-zag stitch. This seems to work better than sewing directly through the elastic.]

    [Optional for button/elastic version: Hand sew your buttons on the side opposite the elastic loop.]

    You're done!

    (print this out full-size)


  1. So kind of you to write up the pattern for the rest of us. I love these sweet booties!

  2. I've been looking for a newborn bootie pattern like this.. Thanks!!

  3. Aww bless you, so very difficult to find
    And such detailed instructions,
    Thank you so much 💜


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