Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yarn Along: Multiple Unfinished Projects and Tolstoy

Well, not everything is unfinished. I did finish these cute booties to go with a hat I'd been working on. The set is a gift for someone (whom I can't mention in case she sees it here). The hat is a very simple knit and the booties are crocheted from this pattern which I've already used several times now and LOVE.

I've almost finished this sweater, the first one I've ever knit. It only lacks buttons. I haven't liked any of the ones I have or have seen locally so I'm going to look when we're in Huntsville in a few days. I have to get some yarn anyway (see more on that below). 

(I added a little knit hat to the sweater. I'd like to make some longies and socks to match too.)

Ah, my problem child. I like this yarn and this pattern but for some reason the sides are not coming out evenly! Argh!! Also, I've run out of yarn for the sleeves and placket and naturally I can't get it locally anymore. I'm going to look for this (It's Lion Brand's "Amazing" in the color "carnival") when we are in a larger metro area. Worst case scenario I'll order more online.

Still plugging away at this sleep sack, the second of two. Hopefully it will get done before the twins get here!

This blanket has been on needles since forever. I've gotten bored with it so I'm making myself knit two rows every time I sit down. It should be done eventually. I really like it, but I'll like it more when it's not hanging over my head! 

And as for reading, I've read a lot, but the one that impressed me the most was The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy. I found it in "The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories". Interestingly, it was banned both in Russia and here (and you can kind of see why). I'm going to post an excerpt from the beginning tomorrow because it seems extremely timely. Anyone else read it?


  1. very cute sweater, booties, hat... that blanket will look nice when it is done!

    Hope you find the yarn!

    You should of saw the first attempt I made today on making a 'ducky' for my blanket... oh dear...

    always love to see what you are making!

  2. That striped sweater is about the cutest thing ever! Once a baby is through with it, it needs to be worn by a teddy bear.

  3. I'm amazed by your talent, the sweater is adorable especially for your first try!

  4. These are all so adorable! I can't get over your talent! You impress me every time :)

    I have not read that book. I look forward to reading the excerpt.

  5. Have you always been a knitter? I remember your lovely crochet. Either way, your knitting is beautiful. Sweaters are so much fun!

  6. Thank you, everyone. :) No, Katherine, I've been knitting (kind of) for about a year now and this is my first sweater. I'll have to start making sweaters in the next size up to justify making more!

  7. Wow. Only a year and already a sweater! You're a natural. (Doesn't surprise me though. Your hands are gifted.)


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