Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yarn Along: Twin Edition!

This is the set I made for my sister who is expecting twin boys in a couple months. I had to wait until she got the package to post it on a yarn-along because she didn't know I was making the hats and booties as well as the cocoons! Hee hee, she was a little surprised. (c;


While the cocoons were identical, I made the hats and shoes slightly different (swapped colors) so they could be told apart a little bit.

Here are the Ravelry links to the projects:

 As for reading, I wanted to show two books I received as gifts recently!

The first, Everyday Saints, has been a hot item lately. I have wanted to read it and my dear friend Elizabeth sent it to me as a means of encouragement during these anxious weeks. Thank you SO MUCH, Elizabeth! I have enjoyed it so much and am reading it in little bits to make it last longer.

A few days ago I got a surprise book in the mail, Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby. Katherine sent it to help me along with my nesting!! Something delightful I realized when I looked through the book (and I recommend it) was that it was written by a mom with five children who was getting ready to welcome her sixth. :) Thank you, Katherine!!

And one more thing I want to mention: I was just made aware of a very worthy project for anyone who can crochet, knit or weave. Love in the Language of Yarn (L.I.L.Y.) is pleading for 8 inch squares (preferably in acrylic, but anything washable) to make into blankets for Syrian refugees. This is a good way to use up odds and ends of yarn. Children can easily help with this too as an eight inch square is within the reach of even beginners. Go to the blog or the FB page for more information. You can send as few as one square! Please consider helping! [They also love baby hats, etc. if that's more in your line. :) ]


  1. Those cocoons are adorable! Such a great idea.

    I'm so happy you like the book. Did you know that Anna Maria just had her 7th baby? A little girl. And did you know that she is Orthodox. :-)

  2. No, I didn't know! I wondered if she were Orthodox just looking through the book though...

  3. Yes. She's Greek. They live in Nashville.

  4. Those booties are so cute! And I didn't realize that you and your sister are expecting little ones around the same time. How fun!

  5. I know! It's sort of a contest to see who will last the longest, lol. (c; She's due three weeks before I am, but I have to deliver by 37 weeks, but she has twins...etc.

  6. What a beautiful set!
    I also have that book, I find it very inspiring.

  7. Those are adorable! And enjoy your new books. I love receiving books in the mail! What a blessing to force you to take time to sit and read.

  8. Thank you for spreading the word on LILY Love In the Language of Yarn. Much appreciated.

  9. I'm more than happy to do it, Dianne! :)

  10. Lovely Anna! ♥


  11. Sweet outfits for special ones.

  12. My husband and I are reading Everyday Saints, too. I'm reading it aloud to him every night before bed.


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