Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 Days

It's only been six short days since our sweetheart joined the family. 
And only four since she came home with us. 
Her brothers and sisters absolutely adore her.

Mama is trying not to let the laundry pile up...

Pickles has declared his undying love for his baby sister. 
I'm sure she will worship him as she gets older.


She is such a good sleeper, letting me get at least four unbroken hours of sleep beginning around 3.

I love looking at her open eyes as she greets each day.


  1. What a blessing! Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family. :)

  2. So sweet. Is Pickles happy to finally be older than somebody?
    Btw, the Barry book is worth slogging through. His discussion of the possible effects on Woodrow Wilson are intriguing. I recommend this book to people regularly.

  3. LV, I love this book! I can't remember when I first got it but I think this is my third read. I've just had trouble staying awake for ANYTHING since delivery! ;)

  4. Tiri says she's "cuuuute." :) She also likes the blanket you knitted. :) I have to agree with her.


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