Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yarn Along: The Modeling Begins...

 This is the first Yarn Along that includes the model!! Here is our newest little one wrapped in her seed stitch blanket. It's so stretchy and not too big and has quickly become my favorite!

I got gung-ho on socks the week before delivery and never got finished photos of the last two pairs.

Here are the Teeny Striped Socks, alas, still much too big for her petite feet!

And another pair of "Leftovers" socks, this time in pink mercerized cotton.

Here is the book that kept me company from the night before the c-section on. I've never taken so long to finish a book. Every time I start reading I don't get more than 20 pages or so before I'm asleep!

Next week I hope to have more photos of the baby projects being modeled!

**The link takes you to Ginny's Yarn Along page for today, featuring her son, Sebastian, born yesterday!


  1. Beautiful blanket wrapped around a beautiful little one. My husband has read that book. He found it fascinating!

  2. Seed stitch is one of my favorites and she looks so cozy in it. Lovely.

  3. She's so pretty and looks so comfy and cuddly!!

  4. So sweet ♥ congratulations!!!

  5. Hey… your baby and blanket were featured on the Lion Brand Yarn's FB page just now! I thought it looked familiar when I saw it on my news feed.

  6. Love your blanket. Just wondering how much yarn you used?

  7. Charlotte: I know! I was *flabbergasted*.
    Irene: I think I may have used 2.5 - 3 skeins, but I wasn't keep very good track. (Preggo brain)

    Sharon: It's SO easy - just seed stitch (*k1, p1* repeat to end of row; turn, then *k1, p1* repeat, making sure to start off such that a knit is over a purl stitch and vice versa.)

    1. Enjoy yr new Adventure of Life thru your adorable baby's eyes!

      Can u share needle size and number of cast ons?

  8. Anon, just figured that information out this morning. :)

    I used a 7mm circular needle (I think that's close, if not exactly right) and cast on 71 stitches.


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