Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yarn Along - Little Doll

[I decided to just edit and make this post today's Yarn Along post. ;)]

I saw an example of a baby wearing a Cabbage Patch Kid hat online and realized how simple it would be to make it. Finding a pattern was very easy on Ravelry and I was able to whip this up this evening. Miss Moppet was a very willing model. (c:

I started rereading the Mitford books by Jan Karon the other night. Not "great literature", but very comforting and funny. A lovely bedtime read. Also, there are nine in the series so it takes me more than two days to have to come up with something else to read!

None of my books came from the bookstore; they all came from the thrift store (in shifts, as I found them). That makes it that much more fun. :)


  1. I know a couple of littles that might need these beanies.

  2. She is so cute! It is amazing how much she really does look like a cabbage patch doll!

    Also, if you like Mitford, try Miss Read books!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Mat. Emily! I'll see if our local library has them.

  4. oh man; took me a minute to realize that was your beloved baby!

    neat, fun and yay for thrift stores and happy reads.

    sending a HUG your way!

  5. That's just the cutest thing ever. And loved the Mitford books. Maybe it's time to read them again.

  6. My mom gave me the first several Mitford books (that she got from the church thift shop, I'm certain). I'm reading the first one now.

  7. Miss Moppet makes a precious little doll!

    I enjoyed the Mitford books that I read, but I LOVE the Miss Read books. I hope your library has a few of them.


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