Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bits and Pieces

From dinner as children start serving themselves from two identical pans of lasagna:
Child: "Are these two pans of lasagna the same?"
Father: [evil voice] "No, one of them is poisonous."
Duchess: [evil voice] "And the other one is veeeeery poisonous!"

After a day doing four loads of laundry, cleaning dog poop off a little boy's church shoes, taking things to the attic, sorting through Miss Moppet's clothes to see what she'd grown out of, getting together a bag of stuff for the thrift store, general cleaning, shelving of books, cleaning off my dresser and desk, taking care of a baby, etc.:
Me: "Well, I think I got some things done around here today and hope it looks a bit better."
Father: "I'm so glad you feel that way."

On the way home as we stopped at a hotel for the night, the kids got to watch the Andy Griffith Show. Two characters were described as "running like chickens from the storm". Pickles thought that was a great phrase. He repeated it:
"Running like chickens in the store!"


  1. oh dear; how funny and well, just wonderful. :)

  2. LOL! And now they're predicting snow again tomorrow, we'll be like chickens running TO the store!

  3. LV, the funny thing is snow wasn't in our forecast and I even double-checked after reading your comment... but it snowed!!! LOL!!!


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