Friday, February 7, 2014

Flopsy turns 12!

She wanted a beach theme. In February. Ok!

We had fun doing the cake. It's my usual ice cream cake (the cheater's version with ice cream sandwiches) and iced with cool whip. Here's the run down:

The coconuts are Whoppers.
The palm trees are made of the green part of some fruit roll-ups, green Gummy Savers, and pretzel sticks.
The grass is sections of green apple-flavored Twizzlers.
The beach towel is made of fruit roll-up sections.
The fish are Goldfish crackers.
The dock is made of sugar wafers and pretzel stick sections.
It's all iced with cool whip (the water is colored blue and the beach is white sprinkled with yellow sprinkles mixed with regular sugar).
The beach ball is a bouncy ball and the umbrella is one of those fancy toothpicks. The fishing pole is a toothpick too.
The crab and starfish are made of molded Starbursts.
The life saver is a Gummy Saver.

We decorated the table with shells, sunglasses, more bouncy balls in a glass, and some umbrella toothpicks.

And I made "cocktails" with lime sherbet, ginger ale and more umbrella toothpicks. :)

She liked it. (c:

She got money from Grandma to spend at Hobby Lobby so we went (all the girls, Miss Moppet included) while we were visiting in AL. We all had a great time. I'll do a separate post sometime on the dollhouse things she got there.

Happy birthday!!!


  1. very lovely, creative and impressive! God bless this beautiful young girl! love her yarn gift :)

  2. I need to hear more about the with ice cream cake part!
    Happy 12! Many Years

  3. OK, Mimi! Here it is:

    1. Layer a rectangular pan with waxed paper or foil, enough so that there's plenty hanging out to use to lift the cake out later.

    2. Fill the bottom with rows of ice cream sandwiches. You'll have to probably cut the last one to make it fit.

    3. Crush two rows of oreo cookies (or similar) and cover the ice cream sandwich layer with half of it.

    4. Heat a jar of hot fudge sauce and pour over the cookie layer.

    5. (You can also pour a jar of caramel sauce over it too - we didn't do that this time.)

    6. Cover it with the rest of the crushed cookies.

    7. Put the top layer of ice cream sandwiches on. I usually arrange the layer differently from the bottom layer for more stability.

    8. Freeze for at least an hour or two.

    9. Lift out and put on a cutting board or other surface. Frost with whipped topping.

  4. What a great idea for a cake! Micah's birthday is in 2 weeks and I was wondering what sort of cake to make... and I might try my hand at this one.


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