Sunday, February 2, 2014

Holy Protection Orthodox Monastery in the Snow

 I've shared photographs of Agia Skepi's exterior before, but we haven't been there in the winter when it had snowed! In a way it's a shame because you can't see all of their gorgeous landscaping, but on the other hand, the snow is beautiful.

Here is their tiniest chapel to St. Oraiozili.

And the chapel of St. Paraskevi:

Looking up the hill with the chapel of St. Paraskevi  and one of the workshops on the left.

The guest house (it's two-story, built into the hill).

Holy Apostles. This is just their temporary chapel until they build their big church. When you see the inside you'll not believe it.

The monastery. The large part with the fancy entrance leads to an entrance hall and the bookstore is on the left.

Looking off the mountain with the church behind me.

These next pictures were taken on a different day in between snow showers.

The steps leading from the guest house's lower door by the guest house parking lot. These are new since we'd been there.

Over near the entrance to the monastery grounds from the parking lot.

Looking to the right side of the monastery building. The dome is on a private chapel for the sisters. You can see the cross at the top of the mountain in the background. It's lit at night and you can see it from the interstate.

I took this on Sunday morning before Liturgy from the window of our room (hence the visible screen).

After Vespers and Compline on Monday


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. As to the landscaping, maybe you can go back in the summer and show us more pictures. :-)

  2. GretchenJoanna, here are some links to pictures in other seasons:

  3. I'm catching up on all your posts, and can't comment everywhere - but these photos are stunning! So beautiful!


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