Thursday, February 27, 2014

Living with Books

If the walls of our house failed and the roof came down, probably no one would be hurt. It would be held up by the book cases.

I don't know how many books we have. It would be fun to count them, I suppose, but I would wind up revising the final number a hundred times after someone found one in the bathroom (actually, I can think of two in there right now...), three under the couch, several under someone's blankets on their bed, a dozen more under the bed, etc. And that doesn't begin to include the number of boxes of books still in the attic.

The only problem we have had, no matter where we have moved, is lack of space for books. Speaking of which, no one ever wants to help us move a second time because they remember the first time... and all the boxes of books. In this house we are blessed to have a few built-in book cases to augment our free-standing ones.

 I have threatened many times to set up an honest-to-goodness library with stacks, rather than just ranging the cases against the wall. There would be stability issues, to be sure, but nothing that a little lumber couldn't help. (c;

As it is, we've squeezed in bookcases in every conceivable place. Including one between the kitchen and the back door. I took advantage of the location to put a row of cookbooks on the top shelf.

Each of the children's rooms have has its own bookcase. The girls keep theirs fairly neat and organized.

The boys, on the other hand...

We have books everywhere

One day, we'll live in a house with a library... or maybe just an abandoned library converted into a house...

Until then, I can dream.


  1. yep! my dream house is just like yours: full of wonderful beautiful books!!! lovely pictures of yours ... :)

  2. Looks like my house. :) We had sixty boxes of books for our last move.

  3. Knowing how little space we have, I've parsed down our collection over the years, but we are still overflowing with books. And the girls keep their shelves looking like the boys. I feel like I'm always reorganizing them!

  4. A house without books is hardly a home.

    I note that the girls have a collection of Trixie Belden books. I used to love Trixie Belden, much more than Nancy Drew.

  5. yeah, the nursery was going to become a library when Dimples moved out, until the little man came along and changed those plans! Guess I will have to wait a few more years for that library as well.


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