Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yarn Along: Shawls

Last week I finished and mailed a shawl to a very special person who has been quite ill: Pres. Elizabeth. 

Please keep her in your prayers. She is still in the hospital and struggling to breathe.

When I'm knitting or crocheting shawls for people I try to say the Jesus prayer while working.

Ravelry link

This week I started another shawl for someone who may not be physically ill, but who needs a big hug. 

 Technically what follows is not what I have been reading, but what I'm reading tonight. I've been reading all sorts of things the last several days: a star guide book, four of the Chaim Potok books, etc. But I've featured all those before (or at least I think so...)

This book always makes me feel better because I look at my girls and think, "they're old-fashioned girls... thank heavens!"


  1. it is so nice to be able to extend love to others! Lots of blessings in your life shown here! Glad for each of them!

  2. I will keep her in my prayers. What a wonderful way of praying for people while you are knitting.


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