Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring is coming

(Actually, I would venture to say that for us, spring is already here with a high of 74 today, but let's not quibble.)

I noticed these sweet daffodils in one of the front beds. :)

The red camellias usher winter out, just as the white japonica ones usher it in.

Smoky always wants to know what I'm up to. He follows me around...

...and then pretends unconcern.

Some other small beauties in the yard:


  1. lol I'm doing the same thing as you-- except I focus on the edibles. Should publish tonight.

  2. beautiful! It is so nice that you have so many flowers! We will not have spring for another two or so months...

  3. Daffodils are blooming hers and well as cherry and some kind of oak. March weather will have its ups and downs, but happy to see some life. I am tired of brown, burned grass that is tracked all through the house.
    Have some seedling planted indoors and warming with a heating pad-hoping for a much better summer garden...2013 was awful

  4. Oh envious! We are blanketed by snow, still 6more weeks of winter to go! Thank you for sharing your garden!

    Rebecca ~theburdenissweet at Rav

  5. So pretty! We are supposed to get 6 more inches of snow tonight and the boys are home from school tomorrow in anticipation of the mess. I really don't mind the snow, actually. I just mind that the city shuts down every time it snows. You'd think they'd work it out by now.


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