Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunday of Orthodoxy

(Sorry, this is a few days late!)


After coffee hour, Father had a tour of the church and altar for everyone. He explained the various icons (providing a handout he made with a "map" of all of the icons in church with identification, etc.) and some of the items on the Holy Table and Proskomedia Table. 

Late in the afternoon we hopped in the van and drove up to Clinton, MS to Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church (OCA) for a pan-Orthodox Vespers. Only one of the seven local priests was unable to attend due to illness. The church was packed and it was difficult to take pictures, but I did get a few.

The boys got to serve and were thrilled! It wasn't what they were used to but they did a great job "going with the flow". The picture is rather grainy because I had to brighten it due to the altar being so bright.


  1. Lent is such a wonderful time for fellowship! what lovely pictures!! :)

  2. Oh sigh! That first photo!
    The "map" sounds wonderful! What a wonderful idea!


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