Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yarn Along: More of the Same

 Another shawl for another person in need:

(baby shown for scale)

Ravelry link

 And this is for a friend whose daughter, a surviving twin, is unable to understand why her brother (who died at 14 weeks) was not able to live. I made the doll, hat and blanket.

It's modeled (except for the face of course) very closely on Innocent and Andrew. I weighted the torso and head slightly so that the weight would be more realistic.

Ravelry link

blanket: 6.5 inches square, doll: 5.5 inches long

I've read a lot of stuff but this is where I've been mostly lately. You can tell I'm getting impatient for storm season to start!


  1. Lord have mercy on the living twin. What a beautiful things you are making. Love to you, much love!

  2. Oh Mat Anna! What a beautiful idea. I know the family will treasure the precious doll.


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