Monday, April 7, 2014

Current Cloth Diapering

Because I have a few friends who are thinking of trying cloth diapers, I thought I'd just do a post with a bunch of pictures on exactly what I'm doing right now diapering-wise.

Below you see an inexpensive prefold from Walmart (I have some nicer ones, but they're getting too small...) topped with a folded-in-eighths flat diaper from Walmart. [Note: the diaper flats from Walmart are not true diaper flats because they are MUCH too small. However, you can use them for doublers for extra absorption.)

This is my current method of putting on a prefold with extra folded flat:

I fasten with a Snappi instead of pins. Much faster.

And the back view:

This cover by Bububibi is my favorite cover! 

Note the double gusset on the legs. I NEVER have leaks from this diaper and cover combination.

I have six of these Bummi Super Whisper Wrap covers as hand-me-downs from my sister. They're stiffer and don't have the double leg gusset, but they still work just fine. The edge of the velcro band at the top can be scratchy if it gets against the baby's skin though, so you have to be careful.

Showing here another diaper/cover combination I just started using. The prefold below is a very nice prefold (also known as a Chinese prefold for some reason) that I folded in thirds and "stuffed" in a diaper cover. It does the job just fine and is less bulky than one which fastens around the hips. No fastener needed because the cover keeps it in place. [These are hand-me-downs, but there are identical ones here.]

Below is a Kushies Ultra All-In-One (AIO) that I've had since Pickles was a baby. I have 20 of these although I haven't finished replacing the leg elastic in all of them. This is a size medium which is fitting quite well right now. This can leak because it is easier for moisture to wick out of the legs onto the clothing. The "doubler" you see is actually a flap attached to the back waist of the diaper. It adds extra absorption but because it's not built-in it doesn't add to the drying time.

The diaper below is a hand-me-down and is SO soft and non-bulky. It's almost like an AIO but has an insert (microfiber in this case) to be the absorptive portion of the diaper. The liner is a microfleece and the cover is waterproof and very flexible. It's adjustable with lots of snaps. The closest I can find to this diaper is here. I need to get some more because I love it!

And here's the model! :)

Just for fun, you can see how she looked in her cloth diapers at 11 days old. She was so tiny!!! Only 6.5 pounds!

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  1. Adorable!! This is a very different approach to cloth diapers than I used to use.


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