Friday, April 18, 2014

Great and Holy Friday

 Almost there. Many tasks were done yesterday in an effort to free up today and tomorrow. I'm trying to keep in mind what's important and not let the little stuff get to me. On the other hand, remembering to wash diapers is not "little stuff". :)

The eggs we've done so far are varnished. They'll be dry after Liturgy tomorrow. See the icon of the resurrection lurking in the background?

We're on our way in just a minute to go decorate the tomb. I'll take photos of it as usual. 

I'm keeping in mind all the people I'm praying for, especially today.


  1. Please pray for me, Matushka Anna. I have been having pains in my chest for 10 days and the doctors can't find the cause. I've had many tests. Maybe it is viral and will pass. I hope so. I find it hard to work.

    May this Pascha be especially blessed for you, your family and the parish.

  2. Alice, I will certainly pray for you and I've told Father as well. May you have a blessed, pain-free Pascha!


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