Saturday, May 31, 2014

Remember these sad rocking chairs?

I was tickled pink to get them, peeling paint and all. They're very solid and comfortable.

But, of course, I knew they needed work. I only put it off for almost two years...

Here they are!

I finished scraping and repainting early this week. I found some material in the attic and already had some plastic sheeting to cover the seats with. I bought some foam seat cushions and some upholstery tacks at the store. Yesterday evening I finished the last one.

They look SO MUCH better.

And, lest you be thinking I'm superwoman or something, let me show you a close up of the edge. Some of this is lack of skill, but these are also the WORST upholstery tacks I have EVER used. At least a 30% failure rate.

In any event, even if the details don't look great, the whole impression is nice and they're very comfortable and pretty now. :)


  1. perfect for sipping sweet tea while the kids catch fireflies!

    1. Monica, we don't have them here! I was heartbroken when I found out. :(

  2. super cute!!! love it! so bright and cheery!


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