Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Gifts

(I was going to share this post sooner, but it got preempted.)

Miss Moppet just recently received some lovely gifts that I want to share!

This knitted bag came from a dear friend, Christina, in Alabama.
I'm going to use it for a diaper bag. NO ONE will have one like it. (c;

Notice the knitting needles framing the opening. Isn't that cute?

 Another friend in TN, Anne, sent these adorable wooden teethers which Miss Moppet loves.

And, she made for her this soft knit nightgown! 

With a bunny on it. :)

Something I should have mentioned long before now were the four pocket diaper covers that Desiree (from TX) brought her. This is one of them that has owls all over it.

I had a hard time getting her to be still for a picture. 
Father said the owls look a little shocked at what they're being asked to do. 
I think they're adorable.

Thank you all!


  1. awww those are so cute! lots of love to you! prayers and hugs!

  2. owls look a little shocked- that's hilarious! hahaha Such precious gifts, and I LOVE the pink! :)

  3. that bag looks absolutely gorgeous and unique! and you're baby is adorable.


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