Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Holy Spirit descends...

Today is Pentecost. When the Holy Apostles were gathered in Jerusalem together after the Ascension, they must have been downcast and fearful. They had been on quite a roller coaster - Palm Sunday, Holy Week, the crucifixion and death, the incredible resurrection, the appearances of Christ after His resurrection... Now they were alone again and for an undetermined period of time. Christ had promised to send them "His Comforter", but these men were human, and must have been grieving and doubtful. To us, it's different: we know the rest of the story. We know that they only had to wait ten days, and the Holy Spirit would descend upon them. But how long is ten days? Ten days can feel like an eternity, especially if you don't actually know from the outset that it will only be ten days.

But Christ promised. And the Comforter came.

Christ always keeps His promises. He promised He will never forsake us, never leave us. He promised that no matter what He holds us in His hands. We are human and can let our emotions give way to doubt and fear. We can start sinking beneath the rough waters as did Peter on the sea. But Christ is there, waiting for us to reach out and call, "Save me!" We do not have to fight the rough waters (demonic temptations), all we have to do is reach out to Christ who is always there.

This life we live is like those ten days in a sense. We don't know how long we will be here from the outset. What we do know is that God's heavenly kingdom awaits us at the end. He has promised us that. And for us, the Comforter has already come. We do not spend these days fearful and alone, we spend them in the grace of Christ's Church, surrounded by the love and prayers of the saints, the grace of the Holy Spirit through the sacraments.

May the Grace of the Holy Spirit comfort us today and every day.


  1. beautifully said and thank God beautifully true, no more so than on this glorious feast. love to you and prayers for you my dear friend!

  2. Baby has totally rejected the idea of sleeping during the night these days. And here I am, in my dark living room, pushing him in his stroller back and forth for two endless hours... This was immensely comforting and encouraging. Thank you Matushka

  3. So true, and worthy of notice -- we are very lucky to live on this side of things, with the Holy Spirit among us...


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