Friday, July 4, 2014

"...our daily bread..."

 An enjoyable treat, even on a fast day.

You know you have a good bread pan when you have to put it in the oven diagonally in order to fit...

Goodness: cutting the bread before letting it cool

Simple pleasure.


  1. mmm, bread is so good. it reminds me of when i made homemade bread and put garlic and mozzarella on it. My 6 year old said "This is what Holy Bread should taste like!" :)

  2. We were missing the paddle for our breadmaker for several days. We looked and cleaned the kitchen, and my husband guessed a small person had put it in the trash, so before he took the trash out he went through the whole bag and found the paddle at the bottom! This morning the whole house smells of fresh bread. :)

  3. oh, that is lovely; Mr. Husband and I went to a diner yesterday and had fresh hot bread, so good! love you!!!

  4. I have never been able to let bread cool completely before cutting into it. Never. And I'm determined to keep that steak alive ;)


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