Friday, August 29, 2014

Blocking the Shawl

I finished weaving the ends in today. There were a LOT of ends.

I had read an article on steam-blocking knitted items that contained acrylic, so I decided that was the way to go. Plus, the only place I have for blocking is my bed and, while I don't mind using it during the day, I kind of want to sleep in it at night.

Before I completely committed myself to it, I pinned and blocked two little dresses I made for Miss Moppet's bear. The yarn is similar (and in the case of the top dress, identical) to the yarn used in the shawl, so I thought it would be helpful.



Yeah, I know. Almost too small to tell. Well, I went ahead and pinned the shawl. It took every single pin I had, plus a generous number of bent safety pins I use for pinning quilt layers.

Can you see the difference in the pinned and unpinned portions?

(I had pinned a twin-size sheet over the end of the bed but underestimated the amount of coverage I would need for the whole shawl. Oh well.)

Here are a couple detail shots post-steaming. It's still pinned on the bed. I'm planning to leave it there for another hour at least before slowly unpinning a part to see if it worked. If it didn't... well, I don't know. Back to the drawing board. (If it did I'll take photos to show off!)


  1. my dear!!! that shawl!!!! it's seriously the most beautiful one I have seen!!!! very impressed!!! those colour combinations are incredible!!!

    1. I really, really love that yarn. I found most of it at close-out for $1 a skein and enjoyed using it all up! I'm about to post photos of the finished shawl so you can see it on.

  2. oh, forgot to say, those teddy bear dresses are so cute!

    1. They are, aren't they? :) I want to make some more. They were done without patterns just as experiments.

  3. totally creative! I see a very neat etsy store possibility in all of this! :)) and 1 $$ a skein! very cool!


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