Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 I took Miss Moppet out on the porch steps this evening to watch the sun set. Well, I watched the sky, she watched the cars passing. I tried to point out the cat on the porch opposite us but she didn't see it.

Such cute little dimpled legs and hands. 
(hers, not mine)

My sister returned some baby girl clothes last week and we had fun looking through them. I wish I know who crocheted this sweater, worn by me (I think) as well as others of my siblings. The ribbons need to be replaced in the neck and wrists. 

It should fit Miss Moppet just fine this fall.

I've been hard at work on a surprise for someone. You'll see it tomorrow in the yarn-along post. It won't be done, but it's getting closer!

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  1. nice! vintage sweaters are really special! cute pictures of you and Miss Moppet! :) look forward to your yarn along post :)


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