Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some miniatures for the dollhouse

Here are some things I've made or found recently for the dollhouse. I like making things out of "found" materials if possible, as opposed to purchasing materials.

These glass canisters are made from the tiny glitter jars one would use on fingernails. The tops are (left): a bead glued on a button and (right) a metal button that I adjusted a bit.

The perfume bottle is just a pearl bead glued on top of a plastic faceted bead. A daisy cut from a chain is glued to the bottom for a doily. The powder puff is a squashed tiny white pom-pom glued to a pink baby button.

These baking pans for the kitchen are really the metal trays from an old eyeshadow container. 

The baby mug is a charm with the link removed. The bar of soap is a fortuitous bead. The Celtic cross is from an old earring.

This is a runner knitted from wool sock yarn in a simple garter stitch.

This lamp is made from a flowered bead glued to a button. A toothpick portion is inserted in the bead. A piece of a broken chain is used for the lamp pull. A section cut from a note card is the shade.

This lamp is made from a bead (sideways) glued down to a jewelry finding. A portion of the aforementioned broken chain is inserted in the bead on the side. A plastic bead is glued to the top of the green bead and a toothpick portion is inserted in it. The lampshade is a portion of note card.


  1. Okay, am I too old to own a doll house??? Actually, I never had one as a child. Maybe it's time!! haha These are amazing!!! :)

    1. Are you *ever* too old to have a dollhouse?? LOL. Look at Liberty Biberty (the link is on the sidebar under "crafty blogs") and drool over her things. There are lots and lots of things you can make for a dollhouse out of stuff you have lying around the house. Why not start by making just one room?

  2. Those are too cool :) I love tiny things!


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