Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yarn Along: In God's Hands

I've had fun the last couple weeks working on a shawl in a fan pattern. It's my first attempt at anything resembling lace (although I admit it doesn't look much like lace in the photos below). After it's blocked the lace should show a little better.

(Ravelry link)
Speaking of which, I'm nervous about blocking it. It's the biggest thing I will have blocked and I am not sure exactly where to do it. I don't have a blocking board. One of those modular things would be helpful here.

(I'll have to post pictures once it's completely done and blocked.)

Lately I realized that I had never really written much of a review of Elissa Bjeletich's book, In God's Hands. It was on sale a few months ago and I treated myself by purchasing it. It arrived just a couple days before I found out that our baby Gabriel had died, so I guess you could say it was good timing.

I had followed Elissa's daughter on her site, The Latest on Mariana. I honestly can't remember when I first heard about Mariana's plight (liver failure) but I know I hung on every word that Elissa wrote. I remember that Elissa was comforting while remaining honest about her fears. Through the grace of God, Mariana survived her illness, a liver transplant, a rocky recovery, and is doing well today. Thanks be to God!

This book is a compilation of those blog posts. Like I said, I received it a few days before we found out Gabriel had died. I read it upon receiving it, but I reread parts a few days later. What struck me was the grace with which Elissa shouldered the burden of uncertainty and bad news, leaning on God for support. She had previously lost a son to SIDS at 6.5 weeks of age and had miscarried another baby, so she had a lot of experience in tragedy. Reading it while waiting to miscarry my own child was very helpful. I admit that my own reactions to loss were not nearly as grace-filled as hers, but there was a certain sense in which, through the book, Elissa was holding my hand and helping me find a way through the dark places.

I thank Elissa for sharing her journey with everyone, first through her blog, and now through this book. What a blessing.


  1. my friend blocks her things by washing it in a delicate detergent, putting it b/t thick towels and stepping on it (if I remember right) to dry and then pins it right to her bed and it blocks beautifully!

    looking forward to seeing it!

    God is merciful in giving us books right when we need them. love to you!

    1. Yes, it was certainly God's timing on the book. <3

      At the moment, I think the bed is the only option. I hope it takes less than one day!

  2. Do you have any of those interlocking foam blocks for kids (the big ones for the floor)? That is essentially what a blocking mat is. I just used one of the ones we had from the kids (I washed it and dried it first) and it worked fine. But I know plenty of people who block on beds and that works too!

    1. You know, I really wanted some of those foam blocks for the baby (and still might consider it for Christmas), but we don't have them right now. I would be fine with using the bed but not if it takes 3 days to block! We've got to sleep somewhere! LOL

  3. do you have a friend with a guest room that wouldlet you block it there?


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