Monday, September 1, 2014

Bits and Pieces

1. I was thinking recently that an Etsy shop needs a good platform for promotion: Facebook, a blog, etc. That's when I realized that the timing of changing blogs was pretty poor. I went from 191 followers to (now) 5 and 800-1,000 views per day to 150. Well, the timing wasn't just randomly chosen. Even had I thought about it I would have still changed blogs. But... Oh, the opportunity lost!

2. A weight loss journey inevitably includes plateaus. I'm stuck at the same weight now for about a week. Sigh. Trying to remember that this is just part of the struggle and not get discouraged.

3. Happy New Year! The Church begins the new year on September 1st. I love that the first feast of the new year is of the Theotokos (Nativity - September 8th) as is the last (Dormition - August 15th).  The whole year begins with her birth and ends with her entry into heaven. She is so important to us!

4. Speaking of September, I am so looking forward to fall! It really hasn't been the worst summer in terms of heat, but summer is summer. Only 6-8 more weeks to go!

5. Miss Moppet turned 10 months yesterday. It's going by so quickly! On the one hand it's exciting to watch her learn new things, but on the other I wish I could have my tiny peanut back again.


  1. Happy New Year! And happy month-iversary :) (i'm still not sure what the term is for monthly celebrations :P)

  2. love your blog and love your pictures, keep it up :))) happy new year also :)

  3. This blog will build, and that will be satisfying too. She's a real cutie-patootie, as we say in my house - just a sweetie-pie.

    I love the new year too! I start teaching this time of year, as well, and so it reinforces my sense of "begin again!" It is a good time for me to go to confession - so that I have a sense of a clean start - almost Lenten.

  4. I'm impressed you have as many readers and hits as you do! I have, literally, 10s of readers a day. And I haven't changed blogs.

    And the term Rich and I have coined for monthly commemorations is lunaversary. :-)


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