Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yarn Along: Cross Blanket

This week I'm featuring yet another commissioned project. (Don't worry, A.! I just got the yarn for your project today.) This will be a baptismal blanket for a baby due to be baptized in October. It's going much faster than I had worried it would; this is less than 3 days worth of work.

Ravelry link

I know the cross looks a little wonky but it hasn't been blocked. Plus, you can't see all of it. It should turn out just fine.

Here's a portion of my pattern. It's got lots of dotted lines, arrows and jotted notes and measurements. Somehow it would be nice to turn this into a real pattern.

(My foot is deliberately there for scale.)

(This is a picture of what it will sort of look like when it's done:)

Given my recent foray into spinning, I picked this book up from the library. It didn't have much about actually USING a spinning wheel, but I figured that the little information I could gain would be worth bringing the book home. (There were no other relevant books.)

I have had the exciting (potential) offer of a raw wool fleece! That will mean I'll need to figure out how to wash it and then card it before spinning it. I've looked up washing and while it's a lengthy process, it's not impossible. Carding will require hand carders, however. They tend to be a bit pricey.

I wonder if I can convince my father to make me a niddy noddy to wind yarn into skeins...

It's fun to stretch out a little!


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